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CineTrailer is one of the most popular and downloaded international cinema apps!
CineTrailer updates you about the latest movies you can find in cinemas and on DVD.
The way it works is simple: watch a trailer and find a cinema!
• Registration added, to access functions like: film voting, watchlists creation, favourite cinemas and next days showtimes
• Movie Showtimes available also for Ireland, Germany and Italy
• NOTE: English movie listings refer to UK market (US market not covered)
• UK Showtimes for the present day, the next and the days after
• Film in theatres and Home Video (Blu-Ray, DVD, VOD)
• iTunes direct link to rent and buy movies and soundtracks
• Full film coverage: synopsis, cast, trailer, stills galleries and posters
• Trailers in various resolutions... for all kinds of data connection! :)
• Personalized memos for the movies you want to see
And now thanks to the free registration, registered users can:
• Vote for the film they've seen and bookmark those they plan to see
• See future showtimes
• Bookmark their favourite cinemas
• Find all their content synched on all their devices
• Apple Handoff suppport
• Google Cast suppport (Chromecast)
• Choice among 9 languages and 11 european markets
CineTrailer is optimized for all the Smartphones and Tablets of the most popular brands.
It's also possible to install CineTrailer on SmartTV e BluRay Players.

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