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We created this award-winning app to watch TV news for free. Get the most trending news videos in a headline news channel personalized for you and watch it on your phone, tablet or TV.
Get started by picking your favorite sources, categories and topics. As you favorite and follow more topics, Haystack TV gets smarter about what to include in your daily newscast. You’ll always have something new to watch that matches your interests and mood.

·The latest politics, local, national and world news from top news organizations such as CNN, AP, MSNBC, NYTimes and the BBC. (Note: Fox News has prevented us from showing their content. We are working with them to resolve this issue)
·Highlights and news about your favorite sports including the MLB, NFL and NBA.
·The latest celebrity news and gossip on our dedicated entertainment channel such as TMZ and Buzz60.
·Business news and financial news from the companies, stocks and sectors you care about.
·The latest US Election 2016 coverage and polls from multiple perspectives. 
·The latest tech news, including new gadget announcements, car news, and more from CNET and The Verge.
·Your favorite video game updates and release announcements.
·Late Night laughs with hosts such as Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and Conan.

Smart TV AppStore

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